Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Portable Portal Toylets

hurray whoo hoo and whoop dee dah...a new new way to go very fah...low tea doe!

have you ever seen these befoh?

portable portal toilets

maybe you've seen them around...

...or maybe not they're so temporal

a matrix of navigation for YOU but not so much your flesh!

they're for your convenience
or more so
satisfy your curiosity to end up some where random


now those varying size little portals that are kerplunked all over the place are hand eldered and disguised as spray paint cans...

as four only exist...make sure you read their varying directions...

and always strive for the hive...


but remember kids when your out attemptin to reach that gold and spread your seed of positivity not all may agree...keep a portal in your back pocket in case you run into authority...

the UPS!

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